Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Which Food Companies are Raising Their Profits by Putting Your Health at Risk?

The Toyota Motor Corporation is about to go on trial. They were accused of hiding the failure of their acceleration system and putting their customers at risk. Yet, there are obesity additives added to most products on your supermarket shelves. This is done on purpose whereas Toyota suffered a failure in engineering. They didn't intend their customers to have accidents.

Why aren't these food corporations being tried for additives that cause their customers to gain weight, and particularly to gain belly fat?

Why is Belly Fat so Bad for Your Health?

Belly fat has been identified as the most harmful placement of fat. It has been linked to diabetes, breathing problems and heart disease. There is also evidence that it is connected to liver and pancreatic cancer. If a man has a waist size of 40 inches, or if a woman has a waist measuring 35 inches or more, the health problems are close at hand.

How is it that Food companies contribute to the belly fat of their customers? They do it in the same way that the tobacco companies increased the tobacco addiction of their customers. They add addictive substances to their food products and many of these products have been associated with belly fat in numerous studies.

The studies aren't being shown in the national media because the advertising dollars are too powerful. All you have to do is to reduce these additives to drop 30 or more pounds and 12 inches in 12 weeks, largely of your belly fat.

You don't even have to give up your favorite pizza or Mexican foods. Simply change brands if yours has been loading you up with the addictive or belly fat increasing food additives.

What do the Food Additives Do?

All 7 of the major culprits are addictive. All 7 of these products cause bloating and inflammation.

I found that every time I dieted, I lost weight but afterward I gained more than I had ever lost. And, I don't eat much food from the inside aisles, such as cereals or crackers and cookies, or cakes and boxed deserts. But, even so, I have had to work hard to avoid these additives.

I do eat apple sauce. I thought that apples were safe and healthy. But, once I found out about the food additives, I found that practically every applesauce has at least one of these ingredients. These are the ingredients that cause belly fat! And, a natural apple has a low glycemic level which means that it doesn't cause insulin to be released. Once insulin is released, the sugar is converted into fat. If it's one of these dastardly 7 additives, the fat is placed on your belly or around your heart or liver or pancreas.

How Do We Avoid these 7 Additives?

The first of these ingredients is High Fructose Corn Syrup. If you try to avoid this ingredient it is very difficult. You will see that it is even added to pet foods. It is highly addictive and shuts down your leptin, which is the hormone that tells you brain that you've had enough to eat. Note what a good idea this is from the standpoint of the Food Industry.

Without this hormone, you could keep eating until you can't physically push any more food into your stomach. If you have ever come close to finishing a cake or bag of cookies by yourself, you know what I'm talking about. Eating more frequently as in the Frodo Baggins Diet, will allow leptin to be released when it should be.

For more on the 7 deadly food additives, watch here, and here.

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