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The Frodo Baggins Diet, and Disturbing Food Additive No. 2

Letting Go of Weight Right Away

We mentioned in the last article that there are additives that the food industry is including in their recipes. For us, this is a recipe for disaster. As we give them up we can lose belly fat without really dieting. The first is the worst and if you avoid it you will lose weight.

I learned of these recently and have taken two out of my diet and changed the way that I eat in order to repair the damage done. I have already lost 7 pounds in 5 days. I don't believe that this is just water weight. I have given up two addictive substances that were preventing normal sugar and fat processing.

What do the Food Additives Do?

There are addictive food additives that are placed in foods to make them taste better, and as it happens, they all prevent our natural hormones from telling our brain that we have had enough to eat. All 7 of these products cause bloating and inflammation as well as the storing of fat. The worst and most prevalent of these is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). It excites the pancreas and insulin is dispensed into the blood stream to remove the excess sugar. This quick release of insulin causes a quick change of the sugar into fat. This fat is then stored for future energy needs.

I have found, as many have, that every time I dieted, I lost weight but afterward I gained more than I had ever lost. Part of this is that any low calorie or low carb or low fat diet will signal to your body that you are starving. Your body responds by slowing your metabolism. This makes it harder to lose weight. So, we are not advocating any starvation. We advocate just the opposite as you will see below.

Now, I don't eat much food from the inside aisles, such as cereals or crackers and cookies, or cakes and boxed deserts. But, even so, I have had to work hard to avoid HFCS. It is far harder I know for families with young children who want those sweet snacks.

I do eat apple sauce. I thought that apples were safe and healthy. But, once I found out about HFCS, I found that practically every applesauce has this as an ingredient. This in one ingredient that causes bally fat! And, a natural apple has a low glycemic level which means that it doesn't cause insulin to be released. Once insulin is released, the sugar is converted into fat. And, if HFCS has been added, the pancreas becomes active and the fat is placed on your belly or around your heart or liver or pancreas. So, although something like Applesauce which should be a harmless and healthy snack becomes a fat loading, body bloating snack.

Avoiding the First Two Additives will help You to Let Go of Weight

The first of these harmful additives, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) has even been added to pet foods. It is highly addictive and shuts down your leptin, which is the hormone that tells you brain that you've had enough to eat. Note what a good idea this is from the standpoint of the Food Industry. We will eat more donuts and more cookies and more soda or fruit juice than we planned or than we need.

Without leptin, you might keep eating until you can't physically push any more food into your stomach. If you have ever come close to finishing a cake or bag of cookies by yourself, you know what I'm talking about.

The second is coffee. Sorry, but the caffeine in coffee prevents fat metabolism. Because of this, coffee drinkers have a harder time breaking down their fat and have to diet or workout even harder than others to drop the same weight.

I am a lifelong coffee lover. I tried to give it up when I heard that US chemical companies didn't stop producing DDT when it was outlawed here. They simply sent it to Latin America where it was sprayed on the coffee harvest.... I weakened and started drinking it again. But this time I think I can do it and stick with it. I just don't like the idea that it keeps the fat on me and harms the farmers who spray the trees and the environment of those trees and probably exposes you to DDT residue.

What is the Frodo Baggins Diet?

The four things I did first:
  1. Eating more frequently, five times a day or every three hours as in the Frodo Baggins Diet will allow leptin to be released when it should be. This will also offset the habitual insulin release when we overeat or when we eat HFCS.
  2. Avoid HFCS
  3. Eat smaller meals balanced with protein (1/2 cup) and low glycemic carbohydrates (1 cup) five times a day and your own natural system will start to let go of fat.
  4. Stop coffee caffeine because this prevents fat processing. Changing to green tea reverses the process and encourages your body to break down fat for energy.

This is not a low calorie or low carb or low fat diet. This is simply spreading out your appropriate calories and carbs throughout the day so that you don't experience hunger. This all day "grazing" will keep your pancreas quiet and your body satisfied. Without hunger or sugar surges, you will stop storing the food you eat. And, eating uses calories. If you are eating 5 times a day, you will use calories to process that food.

Your stomach will shrink back to a normal, healthy size. We tend to overeat when we eat only three times a day and this stretches our stomach. Then, we want to eat until we feel "full." This cycle is stopped the minute we spread our fuel out to 5 times a day.

Your metabolism will speed up because in a few days your body will realize that it is no longer being starved.

However, there is more to it if you are interested. For more on the Frodo Baggins diet, visit here: Mindbridge-LOA

If you want to check out another source, this was a presidential study.

Nancy J. Stremmel is the co-owner and developer of: Mindbridge-LOA, the compendium of information on the Law of Attraction. She is a writer, licensed Social Worker, educator, artist and therapist. She believes that everyone can make the Law of Attraction work for them.

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