Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happiness in Nations

This is not a trendy topic, and I said that I would do trendy topics on this blog, but I also said that I would give you interesting subjects.... Happiness is an interesting subject, especially if you don't have it.

Our quality of life is dependent on our happiness. If we have money, or a great partner or a successful business, or if we are making a good living doing exactly what we want, our quality of life is still equal to our ability to take in and give out happiness.

If we are depressed or dissatisfied generally, it does not matter how much money we have. This is confirmed by the test that produced the World Database of Happiness . The wealthiest countries are not the happiest countries!

By definition:
Measures of happiness

Happiness is defined as the degree to which an individual judges the overall quality of his life-as-a-whole favorably. Within this concept two 'components' of happiness are distinguished: hedonic level of affect (the degree to which pleasant affect dominates) and contentment (perceived realization of wants).

This might seem obvious to you, but the United States and United Kingdom did not come out on top for their happiness. The question asked was: "Suppose the top of the ladder represents the best possible life for you and the bottom of the ladder the worst possible life. Where on this ladder do you feel you personally stand at the present time?". The response was rated on a ladder scale ranging from 0 to 10. This included data gathered from the year 2000 to 2006.

Some of the highest averages observed ranged from 7 to 9. The middle range was around 6. The bottom range was close to 3 and 4.

Rank is the number (range in the case of tie) following the name of the country.

8,5 Iceland 1
8,4 Denmark 2
8,3 Puerto Rico (not included in ranked countries)
8,1 Columbia 3-4
8,1 Switzerland 3-4
8,0 Mexico 5
7,9 Austria 6
7,8 Finland 7
7,7 Australia 8-11
7,7 Luxembourgh 8-11
7,7 Norway 8-11
7,7 Sweden
7,6 Canada 12
7,5 Netherlands
7,5 Argentina 13-15
7,7 Northern Ireland (not included in ranked countries)
7,5 Ireland 13-15
7,3 Costa Rica 16-17
7,3 Cyprus
7,3 New Zealand
7,2 Venezuela
7,2 Germany 21-24
7,1 United Arab Emirates
7,1 United Kingdom 25-26
7,0 Guatemala 27-31
7,0 Malta 27-31
7,0 Saudi Arabia 27-31
7,0 Trinidad-Tobago 27-31
7,0 United States 27-31
6,7 Kuwait 38-39
6,7 Israel 38-39
6,4 Japan 48-53
6,3 China 54-55

From the list, it might be obvious that those countries at the top will have the best energy for manifesting more joy, success and satisfaction. Most business coaches and trainers say that your life will be the average of the 5 people closest to you.

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