Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Fillibuster is to Fight Corruption, not to Foster it.

Senate Republicans and Senator Joe Lieberman have forgotten that they are in Washington to serve America. They voted against:

  1. Guaranteed affordable health care ( such as the public option or lowering the Medicare age limit that would offer price protection through competition)
  2. Legislation protecting the insurance customer from being dropped from their insurance
  3. Legislation protecting the insurance customer from arbitrary financial lifetime limits
  4. Legislation protecting the insurance customer from Government interference in their insurance plan (limiting what the private insurance companies cover, such as abortion)

Let's look at it another way. The Republican Senators, and Joe Lieberman voted for:

  1. Forcing 30 million more Americans onto the private health insurance plans without any price protections
  2. Allowing insurance companies to continue to defraud customers into paying premiums when there is no intention to actually pay for their health care
  3. Allowing insurance companies to declare any financial limits as to coverage that they choose
  4. Limiting the type of coverage that private insurance companies can offer (preventing them from paying for legal procedures such as abortion).

Every single Republican Senator voted for the above abuses of the American people. Luckily for us, they lost the vote!


Shimmy said...

When we dream about bad things happening, it means that Joe Lieberman is punishing us because we don't love him enough. It's when we start to dream about good things that we should start to worry.

Nancy from said...

Hi Shimmy! Merry Christmas. It's hard to love Joe Lieberman.... You remind me that Genpo Roshi says that those we dislike remind us of the rejected parts of ourselves. I must be rejecting my "self aggrandizing, self serving, dishonest" parts. -- Not easy to accept those aspects....