Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Not-For-Profit" Health Care Plan is not Socialism

The proposed not-for-profit American health care insurance plan has been suggested as an optional plan:

1. for those who don't have health insurance,
2. for those who have been expelled from for-profit plans,
3. for those who would rather change over from more expensive plans.

There have been suggestions/proposals that would make this not-for-profit health care insurance plan a ZERO tax burden on 99% of all Americans:

* Decrease the tax deduction for the most expensive homes
* Raise the taxes of the upper 1% back to that of the Reagan years
* Charge a fair premium from those who can afford it

Any two of the above would more than cover those Americans who don't now have health insurance.

None of those suggestions would be adding any tax burden on us or our children, but would reduce the tax burden on our children because:

1. it would eliminate the 60% of bankruptcies that are now caused by medical emergencies.
2. And, it would reduce the numbers of those who go on Medicaid/Welfare because they don't have medical insurance.
3. And, it would improve the health of Americans who would be covered for preventive costs.
4. All of the above would reduce the current national health care costs.
5. It would improve the profit margin of American companies who otherwise cannot control the cost of doing business, which would increase American tax income and help to reduce the National Debt

Any small businessman will tell you that the cost of for-profit health care insurance rises every year about 30%. It is not because their costs of doing business are going up. It is not because medical costs are going up. It is because the CEO enjoys having his salary and benefits and staff bonus' go up.

For the small business, any cost of doing business that rises 30% every year is unsustainable. Their income is unlikely to rise 30% every year, and if it were, why would they want this to go the the insurance company rather than to their staff who is responsible for making it happen?

In any other industry, there are laws against "price-fixing", but not in health care insurance. This insurance has a special relationship in the laws against monopoly because Blue Cross-Blue Shield once provided a service to Americans by providing low cost hospitalization insurance.

The small businessman cannot change providers to solve this great increase in the health care premiums charged each year:

1. Because then any staff member who has gone to the doctor would be un-insured because of the "prior condition" clause of all for-profit health insurance companies.
2. Because there is no real competitive price difference since the for-profit health insurance companies are allowed to engage in price fixing. One insurance might offer a lower "come-on-in" price, and then just raise it every year until they have the same price as the one the business just left.

A human would support this bill:

* If s/he believe in competition, because the current health care insurance system does not have any competition.
* If s/he believe that a business should honor its contracts, because currently, insurance companies do not honor their contracts.
* If s/he believe that a small business should be able to provide their employees with the same benefits as do large companies.
* If s/he believe that someone who is willing and able to pay for health insurance should be able to buy reasonably priced insurance for his family.

If you believe in any of the previous benefits, you can support the 3 honest Senators who are standing alone against the $$$$ of the Health Care Insurance Industry. They are simply looking for a show of hands, not $$.

If we don't support them, we are giving our vote to the lobbyists paid for by the current health insurance industry. Why would you trust them with your children's future? This is the moment in time when they can be curtailed. Not stopped, but curtailed.

I am not in favor of socialism, but neither am I in favor of handing my vote to those who have already proved that they are only interested in unrestrained greed.

This is the forum for smart people.... Vote from clarity, not from fear.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, in a country not run by big corporations this is a no-brainer. However, this is not one of those countries and alot of lobbying is done to provide no public option. There should be riots in the street if congress can't come up with a public option. If this country wants the freedoms it feels entitled to, we need to get off our lazy asses and become citizens. We are all after the same things, peace, happiness, security. And working for profit seems like our only opportunity for them. But in order to get those things, we need to snap out of the grind, take a look around, and realize the government is doing everything in its power to prevent it!