Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Harmonic Wealth in giveaways!

Harmonic Wealth as defined by James Arthur Ray is wealth found in all 5 areas of a person's life:

  1. Financial
  2. Relational
  3. Mental
  4. Physical
  5. Spiritual
The harmonic wealth we are talking about today, does not include relational wealth, or possibly physical wealth, but does most certainly include financial, mental and spiritual wealth.

We start with the harmonic wealth pillar: financial wealth.

Hyundai is giving away a "price lock" for gas with every new car sold. This fixes the price of unleaded regular at $1.49/gallon for a year! This program runs until August 31, and they hope to sell more cars than usual during the "dog days of summer." In order to qualify, the customer forgoes $1,000 in rebates.

Eligible vehicles include the Accent, Sonata, Tiburon, Elantra, Elantra Touring, Entourage, Azera, the Santa Fe and the Tuscon and Veracruz. No, this does not include the Panoz or the Shelby Cobra above, but a girl has to have her dreams....

So, with gas prices at $2.87/gallon where I live, what does this mean? I use about 5.25 gallons per day for my commute to the city. (I live in a beautiful farming and fishing community.... Lucky, huh? No. Good manifesting!) So, for a year, I will now spend (if prices stay about where they are) $3872.82. The "gas lock" price will be $2024.74. This is a saving for me of $1848.08. I drive a Toyota 200 miles a day. If the Hyundai doesn't give me close to 38.27miles/gallon, then I might not save as much because I'll be using more gas. Four Hyundai models achieve more than 30 miles per gallon on the highway –Accent, Elantra, Elantra Touring and Sonata. So, will this give me harmonic wealth? A saving for me of $1800 is sweet.

Everyone has to do the math. It's only for one year that you will get these savings. And, it will only really give you savings if you drive A LOT, as I do.... I wonder what a Hyundai's value is as a turn in after one year?

If you're interested, here's how it works. First, you buy a Hyundai. Then you go to hyundai.pricelock.com and register a valid credit card. After enrolling, the customer will receive a Hyundai Assurance-branded card which must be used for future fill-ups. There is another strength to this. I avoid Exxon and other gas stations that have overpriced gas. With this card, if I were traveling, I would be able to get that same $1.49 price anywhere. That would delightful.... This would feel like harmonic wealth for me.

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Harmonic wealth pillars: Mental and Spiritual

There is about to be a huge Giveaway by Henry Gold, famous for his Christmas time giveaways known as 117 giveaways. Perhaps you've taken him up on this opportunity for harmonic wealth before?

This Friday, July 3rd, there are 100's of products by the top internet business people being given away. It will feel like Christmas at a Self Development Harrads or Macys with a free credit card!

Many are Law of Attraction products. These include Slumbering Power Archives and the Law of Attraction, Your Inner Wizard, Become a Divine Deliberate Attractor and out Organic Living. There's one on clearing the top 10 limiting beliefs, but we prefer our general clearing book The Slow Guy Always Wins on the One Lane Highway because that clears all limiting beliefs and enables you to receive harmonic wealth in all areas.

Then there are internet business products including products to help you make an ebook, or to help you build an interactive program. There are programs, audios and ebooks on sales and writing. I particularly like Soren Jordansen's Internet Marketing Success Formula There are books on information marketing and tips for affiliates. Have you manifested information? This is truly an information bonanza. This is part of harmonic wealth.

There are experts in NLP and EFT and in productivity. How to Get Things Done Fast with Three Simple Steps. So, don't miss out. Come to Mindbridge to receive your free ebook, Organic Living, and your invitation to the giveaway.

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